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Westrow Equine Dental Service - Horse Dentistry
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Westrow  Equine Dental Service
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Apart from being one of the family your horse is here to do a job, be it  to provide you with daily companionship, for occasional hacking or showing or the serious business of competition at all levels. With all this in mind we have specially designed our  dental maintenance plans to cater for all your needs, whatever they may be.

You can rest assured that we fully understand that even the simplest the act of rasping a horses teeth can be very stressful, for the owner as well as the horse, it is therefore our policy to explain exactly what we intend to do and why, and to carry out the work as quietly and sympathetically as possible.
Important Note:  The use of motorised floats or rasps by practitioners is being seen more and more these days, (we use them ourselves). They are not however a replacement for the more powerful Dremel powered instruments and I must stress that  it is not possible to perform accurate, full oral equilibration(balancing) on unsedated horses using the less powerful motorised floats. It is essential that your horse is calm throughout the the procedure which can take approximately an hour to complete. In addition I must stress that work performed with motorised float should still be completed by hand using traditional hand instruments — only by the meticulous attention to detail can the best results be achieved.   

I will go as far as to say that proper equine dentistry is indeed an art form and only a perfectly balanced mouth can help you achieve a perfectly balanced horse.           

Westrow Equine Dental Service - Horse Dentists
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